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Are you okay with being amazing?

by Sadee on April 11, 2014

Radical Habit 26 Dont take your genes personally

Last night I met two incredible people for tea. I was already charged up from client sessions and both of these people had such lovely energy and such a great idea that I got even more charged. (I was practically bouncing off the walls.) We were sharing ideas and engaging around a project we may do together.… Read more

Parents asked for more thoughts on “hyper” kids

by Sadee on March 27, 2014

Grandparents posing with grandchildrenI got a number of messages from people about my post Seeing “hyper” kids through a different lens (ADHD or otherwise) asking for more information on how to listen to children like I described. Especially as it relates to getting the adult critic-self out of way.… Read more

Seeing “hyper” kids through a different lens (ADHD or otherwise)

by Sadee on March 25, 2014

I’m not an expert on ADHD, or children, or any combo or variation thereof. I have simply worked with a lot of kids who either have been diagnosed with ADHD or are suspected of having it.

Today I am going to describe what it is like to listen to these children from a deep place – from a place of having no idea of who or how they should be and simply being very curious as to what is.… Read more

Thinkatorium: The realization of a dream

by Sadee on March 21, 2014

thinkatorium video plansMy new website will have a section called Thinkatorium.

This is a photo of the video planning session I just did.

The Thinkatorium is where I am creating video courses for anyone to learn things from a personal growth model I created called Applied Dynamic Intelligence to BodyMind Integration to a toolbox full of tools that will greatly accelerate growth and understanding.… Read more

Are you an effective client?

by Sadee on March 20, 2014

Universal Methods of DesignI’m in the process of creating a new website and bringing some new juju to the world. This book has been fantastic for sparking new thinking.

As I’m reading this book I’m getting flooded with ideas for how to work with my clients better, how to make a killer website, innovative ways of engaging people, and more.… Read more

Sneak Peek! Building my new website!

by Sadee on March 19, 2014

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time! Just got started today but wanted to give you a sneak peek of what I have so far. There is a long way to go and much content to create. Click on the image to see the full view!Read more

Speculative Everything

by Sadee on March 14, 2014

Speculative everythig cover Loving this book!

“Design’s inherent optimism leaves no alternative but it is becoming clear that many of the challenges we face today are unfixable and that the only way to overcome them is by changing our values, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior.”

Some themes I am playing with right now are:

  • What is required of the individual (i.e.
  • Read more

Dream it into being – Using sleep as a productivity tool

by Sadee on January 8, 2014

dreamingIt often happens that I wake up with a book outline, a chapter written, a concept fleshed-out, an insight revealed, a spiritual understanding of some kind, just waiting for me to pick up and work with.

The idea of programming the subconscious to do work for us is nothing new.… Read more

Love feeling awesome, hate willpower?

by Sadee on January 3, 2014

chakolatI like saying “yes”. This is not to be mistaken for being a “yes person”. I just like to follow where Yes leads.

Willpower is, in essence, saying “no” to something. And while the argument can be made that you are saying no to one thing while saying yes to something else, there is still an element of self-control and denial involved.… Read more

New Year intention: Reclamation

by Sadee on January 2, 2014

It has been a long time since I wrote a post. The New Year seems like a good time to share some thoughts.

I’ve been pretty deep in my cave, studying and immersing myself in a subject I haven’t explored in over 15 years.… Read more

Give as much as your heart wants you to

by Sadee on December 10, 2013

Radical Habit 16 Give as much as your heart wants you to pngWhen I wrote the book Radical Habits: Simple Practices to Rock Your Reality, it was with the intention of each habit being both a meditation and a practice. I haven’t picked the book up in a awhile.

The way I use it is as a divinatory tool, like “What do I need right now?” kind of thing.… Read more

How to not take your period personally (A must read for men!)

by Sadee on December 9, 2013

Uterus plushieI had tea recently with a male friend of mine and noticed that he seemed stressed. I asked what was up and he said that his wife was really stressed out about something and he had been “on call” to talk her through it.… Read more

Love makes everything juicy

by Sadee on December 4, 2013

frosty maple leafIt is freezing outside. The kind of cold that coats everything in tiny diamonds. The ordinary faded brown deck becomes a platform for a queen. The leaves are all twinklyfine like God is about to come visit.

Walking my dog last night in this cold the grass crunched under my feet.… Read more

Magic: credible or crazy?

by Sadee on December 3, 2013

magic handI’ve been in a conflict lately. Actually, I’ve been in this conflict the majority of my life. It’s just that lately it has really surfaced so I can finally resolve it.

It’s about magic. About being magic. And what this means – being magic versus magical thinking, reality versus escapism/fantasy, being magic in an aniti-magic world.… Read more

Understanding why you care about being beautiful (for men, too!)

by Sadee on October 28, 2013

mirrorThe subject of beauty has fascinated me, and is one I’ve studied, for more than a decade. And it has been an issue I’ve encountered in a variety of ways nearly my whole life.

Our society does all kinds of strange things with beauty.… Read more

What should I eat?! A reader asks about blood type diet

by Sadee on October 24, 2013

foodQ: Hi Sadee,

I always love to read you so I have a question… do you believe in a diet connected with your blood type? My brother who is now a doctor in Tuina follows also a diet related to his blood type and he swears that he feels better.… Read more

Flies can be magic if you let them

by Sadee on October 22, 2013

fly magicIt has repeatedly come to my attention that talking to animals is bizarre, especially when they respond in ways that others find surprising.

Case in point: the fly.

One day this summer we had an inordinate amount of flies in the house.… Read more

Spiritual longing and ego – the epic journey of wholeness

by Sadee on October 20, 2013

epic sailingYou may know by now that I don’t think the ego is the demon most people make it out to be. In fact, I’m not a big fan, in general, of making distinctions between the various aspects of self as separate entities.… Read more

Sacred undoing: love’s greatest gift

by Sadee on October 17, 2013

golden heartLove brings many gifts – it is profound what can happen when we surrender to it. And it can be terrifying.

Love is a direct doorway to God, because it exposes in us every place love is not. Love unravels all the ways we are fortified against love – ego, pride, defensiveness, false strength, loneliness, selfishness.… Read more

It is an act of surrender to claim your truth

by Sadee on October 11, 2013

It is an act of surrender to claim your truthRead more

Hardship and suffering are normal, making it an issue isn’t

by Sadee on October 10, 2013

hardshipIt will be interesting to see if I can pull off today’s post. It’s something that has been on my mind, like background music while I do other things, and this will be my first attempt at articulation.

Like so many people, my childhood was not easy.… Read more

Imagining different and better: how to really create your own reality

by Sadee on October 8, 2013

imaginingThere is something to be said for imagining. I mean really far out, edge-of-mental-capacity imagining. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

I’ve spent the better part of my life finding cracks in the bubble of the dominant paradigm and slipping through them into the world beyond.… Read more


by Sadee on October 6, 2013

I recently experienced something I could call heartbreaking.

The kind of thing that makes you ask big questions and search the inner-cosmos for answers, for explanations. You know, the “what does this mean?” or “why did this happen?” soul-searing kind of bewilderment questions.… Read more

Cellular energy and true vitality – Sadee’s protocol

by Sadee on September 14, 2013

VitalityYou may or may not know that vitality is a fascination of mine. And you also may or may not know that I have studied herbs and nutrition since I was in my early teens.

Over the years I have been my own biggest guinea pig for my various experiments and concoctions and theories.… Read more

Marissa Mayer doesn’t get to be dimensional and neither do you

by Sadee on August 25, 2013

You may or may not be aware of all the hot debate that got kicked up around the Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Vogue photo shoot.

It seems that many people think she did it wrong – that she’s wrong – for lounging in a Michael Kors dress on a white chaise looking, well, fabulous.… Read more

Setting boundaries with love

by Sadee on August 8, 2013

BoundariesI received a request to write about boundaries – specifically the concepts of accepting others and letting each person be their own way in the world and see the world through their own lens, but also finding space for one’s own boundaries, one’s own voice and asking for what one needs and wants.… Read more


by Sadee on July 23, 2013

I was reading the awesome Kymberlee Della Luce and found a page on her site where she urges us to create our own manifesto and to also share it with her.

I realized I had created a manifesto years ago that I did not recognize as such so I dug it out of the archives and made it a page in my “About” section.… Read more

Adventures of the invisible woman

by Sadee on July 21, 2013

InvisibleWoman2You can’t tell by looking at me. The six feet of blonde makes it easy to imagine everything but.

I have laughed when people tell me their assumptions of me: grew up with a silver spoon, lots of college someone else paid for, easy street, men falling at my feet, any door I blow on opening just for me.… Read more

Give a shit. It’s good for you and it’s good for the planet.

by Sadee on July 14, 2013

beagle lab animalWhen I watched this video of lab dogs touching grass and seeing sun for the first time in their lives, it brought up for me something that has been alive in my heart my whole life and something I feel each and every day.… Read more

Being healthy about your needs

by Sadee on July 13, 2013

What do you needNeeds are a funny thing. First of all, Westerners are really skittish about the subject. The notion of needing anyone or anything beyond the basics of food, shelter, and clothing freaks out many of us.

One of the exercises I will give clients is to do some free writing using these starters as prompts:
I need…I want…I expect…

People generally have no problem with the wanting and expecting.… Read more

Happy Birthday Bucky

by Sadee on July 12, 2013

BuckyI remember exactly where I was when I met him. It was a cabin in southeastern Oregon. And there, in the dusty old library that hadn’t been touched since the 70’s, was a paperback book called “I Seem to Be a Verb”.… Read more

Letting people be grown-ups

by Sadee on July 8, 2013

grown upI was talking with someone a while back and this person was being very careful with what he was saying and not speaking the full truth. So I asked him “Can you just be honest and let me be a grown up and handle my own energy?” His eyes got wide and a sigh of relief came over him and he laughed, relaxed, and said “yes.” So he did and we went on to have a great exchange.… Read more

Being sensitive to gluten-sensitivity

by Sadee on July 5, 2013

dipping a crackerWell, here I am again – seven pounds of water weight overnight, diarrhea, pimples, a headache, and muscle stiffness. I got glutenated.

Folks, I have Celiac Disease. This means my immune system reacts to gluten, the protein molecule in wheat, rye, barley, and oats, like a foreign invader.… Read more

Radical Habits is released into the wild – Book launch TODAY!!

by Sadee on July 3, 2013

Book cover 2My new book RADICAL HABITS: Simple Practices to Rock Your Reality launched today! Please pop over to and get a copy, write a review, or share the news with anyone you think would dig it.

Here is the official press release:

Radical Habits is the concise guide to living with more courage, awareness, and love – it’s the pocket ‘bible’ for conscious people everywhere.… Read more

Are invisible needs ruining your life?

by Sadee on June 26, 2013

baby birdsI have a theory I call the “Hungry Mouth” theory. It’s something I came across early in my private practice and still observe on a daily basis.

It goes like this:

When we have unmet needs, needs that we ignore or needs that we refuse to acknowledge, they become like a hungry mouth, gaping insistently on being fed like a baby bird.… Read more

Celebrate being judgmental

by Sadee on June 17, 2013

celebrate judgmentalRead more

We all want connection, we just screw it up really easily

by Sadee on June 16, 2013 last few days have been interesting. A lot of conversation had arisen from some posts I recently wrote – discussion about being, about loving people, about letting go of right and wrong while still speaking your truth. I am blessed to have heart-centered friends share their perspectives with me.… Read more

What’s the point?

by Sadee on June 15, 2013

So often we monitor ourselves and hold back because we run something through our heads and then act as if what we ran through our heads is real and make decisions about what we think might happen instead of just being and discovering what actually does happen.… Read more

Be where you really are

by Sadee on June 14, 2013

CREDIT: Creative Commons | Asturnut (butterfly), Creative Commons | Hellisp (attractors) - See more at: my new book, RADICAL HABITS (available June 26th) Habit # 11 is “Be where you really are”. And I’d like to talk about this today.

Yesterday I wrote a blog post called “I almost bit her head off”.… Read more

I almost bit her head off

by Sadee on June 13, 2013

I was in the grocery store – a local Co-op no less. The cashier and I say hi, I hand the bag I brought to the bagger and say hi to her, too. What happened next totally caught me by surprise.… Read more

Sunday Sermon by Rumi

by Sadee on June 9, 2013

heart on fireThere is so much wisdom here – everything you need to set your life on fire. Read and re-read until the mind and the heart spark “yes!” Poem by Rumi.

Who gets up early to discover the moment the light begins?Read more

Big announcement!!!

by Sadee on June 3, 2013

Book cover 2My new book -

RADICAL HABITS: Simple Practices to Rock Your Reality

will be coming out in three weeks!




Back cover:

Back of BookRead more

Personal power – got some?

by Sadee on May 28, 2013

personal powerIt seems there is a shared common agreement about power. It’s the one ↑, one hierarchy where power is limited and some people have more power and some people have less power.

The truth is there is enough power for everyone.… Read more

My new favorite thing: The egg

by Sadee on May 24, 2013 morning was a three egg kind of day. I pulled the egg carton from the fridge and set it on the counter. Then I got out the pan and the pasture-fed cow butter. I got the pan all set up: heat on, butter in, then I opened the carton of eggs.… Read more

Into postive thinking? How you might be screwing yourself.

by Sadee on May 23, 2013

positive thinkingWhen I hear people talk about positive thinking, using phrases like “think better thoughts!”, I wonder what they are eating to support their desire for a more positive life.

Every emotion you feel is because of chemicals in your body. Physical compounds affect your thoughts and mood.… Read more

Emergence: radical creativity and the art of becoming

by Sadee on May 22, 2013

cocoonWe humans are so much more magical than we realize. And more powerful. But our magic and power does not lie in the identity most of us inhabit – that of isolated individuals as creators of our own reality.

At any moment, we can choose to “be” any number of things, to inhabit any number of facets of our dimensional selves.… Read more

Radical Habit #3

by Sadee on May 22, 2013

Open your mouth and let your heart come out.… Read more

Radical Habit #2

by Sadee on May 21, 2013

I wonder what would happen if we all developed the habit of asking for what we really want and need instead of being manipulative, sneaky, or silent.… Read more

Radical Habit #1

by Sadee on May 20, 2013

I wonder what would happen if we all developed the habit of wanting the very best for each other – no matter who it is.… Read more

Beyond God/No God

by Sadee on May 17, 2013

I think that we need to get past God/No God if we are to really get at the truth of anything.

If not God/No God, then what?

It occurs to me that the kind of thinking that lives in this either/or option is precisely where the limit in consciousness exists.… Read more

How much love can you allow?

by Sadee on May 13, 2013

looking for loveIf love showed up, I mean soul-nourishing, life-affirming, beauty-making love, could you let it in?

People make lists of love – what it has to look like, act like, think like, and do – what age it has to be, what hair color it has to have, what it has to say, and how much money it has to make.… Read more

by Sadee on May 12, 2013

this is your brainRead more

Shifting focus: from limitation to expansion

by Sadee on May 11, 2013

what do you need to be more betterI made a Facebook rant (which I rarely ever do) about how sick I am of people telling me to focus on just ONE thing. Now that that the rant is out of my system, I thought I’d write something useful about the notion of focus.… Read more

Stuck in another dimension

by Sadee on May 9, 2013

another dimensionNotice: This post is wholly self-indulgent.

I’m over here, right next to you, immersed in the complex geometry of being.

While you talk I am noticing the light that emanates from your skin, the dynamic swirl around and through us, the exchange, the disconnect, the circles under your eyes, the slight sadness that plays at the corner of your mouth, the electricity of your hands telling a story, the life that breathes you, all amplifying the great beauty of your being.… Read more

Are you normal? Challenging an outdated framework

by Sadee on May 7, 2013

Breaking-FreeWhen we hear the word “normal”, most of equate this with “healthy” or “good” . Like “It’s perfectly normal for your son to masturbate 6 times a day at this age.” We can be worried we aren’t normal and then feel relief to find out that we are.… Read more

The eloquence of Nikola Tesla

by Sadee on May 5, 2013

“When we speak of man, we have a conception of humanity as a whole, and before applying scientific methods to the investigation of his movement we must accept this as a physical fact. But can anyone doubt to-day that all the millions of individuals and all the innumerable types and characters constitute an entity, a unit?… Read more

Is the world big enough for the authentic you?

by Sadee on April 30, 2013

too big to fitIs the world big enough for the authentic you? In other words, are you playing smaller than you really are to fit in?

My whole life I have had a very distinct sense of belonging in the bigger scheme of things but never quite fitting in with humans.… Read more

No such thing as a stranger

by Sadee on April 28, 2013

not strangersOne of the biggest socially awkward things I experience has to do with the fact that I don’t actually have a sense of “stranger” with most people.

What I mean is that I very much feel that saying “A stranger is a friend you just haven’t met yet”.… Read more

Communication tip for couples (works for everyone!)

by Sadee on April 20, 2013

couple-arguingOne of the biggest problems in communication is the approach we take when there is an issue of some kind.

Here’s what I mean:

When there is an issue, we usually just put it between us. This means that we are on opposite sides of it, as individuals, looking at the issue.… Read more

Sadee’s confession

by Sadee on April 18, 2013

Something I have been private about for my whole life. My first video blog here so be gentle :)Read more

My new favorite thing: David Lee Roth

by Sadee on April 17, 2013

david lee rothYou may remember him from Van Halen – they were a favorite band of mine back in the early 80′s. But there is so much more to David Lee Roth. The guy is just amazing, completely rocking his thing, and full of a spark, a vitality, that is just glorious.… Read more

A little bird whacked into my window

by Sadee on April 16, 2013

bushtitA little bird just whacked into the window. I went outside and it was laying by my door. I picked it up and sat and held it, making a nest with my hands. Did energy work, prayed, and sent it soothing, healing love.… Read more

the art of becoming

by Sadee on April 15, 2013

who you are informs what you are informs who you areRead more

The essence of personal growth

by Sadee on April 14, 2013

Essence of personal growthRead more

I seem to be a miracle

by Sadee on April 12, 2013

celebrationI was reading through a page here on my site and found myself not really remembering writing it. It was like reading some else’s words and I found myself going “wow, this is good stuff”.

My whole life I have had a feeling of being fascinated by being a human.… Read more

When love becomes sick

by Sadee on April 10, 2013

CristinaColoursSpent the day yesterday in prayer. Haven’t done that in a very long time. Something that came to me was about love and how love can get sick – that the love in us can become ill.

I had never thought of love like this.… Read more

For all my good brothers, everywhere

by Sadee on April 8, 2013

Beautiful man, you have a way of simplifying things

That brings clarity to my complications.

That you are not complicated, in spite of my attempts to make you so,

Allows me to breathe more deeply.

Your strength, and the pride you take in it,

Has made my life easier, and safer, on many occasions.… Read more


by Sadee on April 6, 2013

Dont go back to what is familiarRead more

Fear as a teacher

by Sadee on April 5, 2013

love-greater-than-fearIf you read my post yesterday, you know that I’ve been going through some intensity around fear arising during recent events.

So yesterday as the fear came in, like waves coming at high tide, something interesting occurred: fear started teaching me about its nature.… Read more

When you tell the universe what you want, prepare to get your ass kicked

by Sadee on April 4, 2013

ass kickingI am getting a beautiful gift wrapped in a big ole ass kicking. And I actually asked for it! (But I didn’t realize I was asking for it. ) Bonus: Along with the gift wrapped in the ass kicking also came an epiphany.… Read more

Exercise – I love you – finally!

by Sadee on March 28, 2013 news everyone! I’m on the second week of working out consistently 5 days a week! This is a very big deal.

I found out a few years ago that I have Celiac Disease. When I discovered this I had already closed my private practice due to my health, gained 30 pounds, was chronically exhausted, had psoriasis, itchy, weeping ears, daily migraines, anxiety, insomnia, and, well, 40+ other symptoms.… Read more

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies. ~ Frederick Nietzsche

by Sadee on March 27, 2013 more

We might be giants

by Sadee on March 24, 2013

supernovaI’ve been thinking a lot lately about dimensionality and limits – spaciousness and smallness – perspective and context.

Our world seems as big as we, ourselves, are. Small things can fill us up. Small things can seem very large. And large things can be out of reach of our hearts because we do not know how big we can really be.… Read more

Meditate on this

by Sadee on March 23, 2013

meditating cyborg
















Beautiful work by Ziwon Wang.… Read more

Let go and trust

by Sadee on March 12, 2013

let go and trustOver and over for the last couple of years the theme of trust has kept coming up for me. A lot of us have gone through some pretty tough stuff, especially in 2012 it seems. I thought 2013 was a new start, leaving the challenge of 2012 all behind.… Read more

Love never dies

by Sadee on March 10, 2013

These two started an intense love story in the 1970′s. They parted when the relationship had run its course after many years together. This footage is from the artist’s live piece at MoMa. They hadn’t seen each other in some time.… Read more

Sunday Sermon: Everything is a mirror – a cautionary tale

by Sadee on March 3, 2013

Have you heard the expression “Everything is a mirror”?

A lot of people involved with consciousness and spirituality use this expression to gain insight and understanding about themselves by viewing their experiences as a reflection of themselves.

In our overly self-focused society that is captivated by pathology, this notion, like many spiritual notions, has gotten a little twisted.… Read more

No one will be satisfied by getting the life they ordered…

by Sadee on February 16, 2013

Set yourself aside just a little and learn to love a person in ways they find meaningful. This constant focus on “my needs” and “my happiness” and “me, me, me” keeps us very small. And it means we are constantly rejecting love when it doesn’t show up how we think it should.… Read more

Harvesting regret

by Sadee on February 14, 2013

I don’t have many regrets in my life. In fact, I got turned on to the idea of not regretting early in my personal growth work. I don’t know if it was Wayne Dyer, whose book “Your Erroneous Zones” was the first personal growth book I read at the ripe old age of 16, or someone else, but the idea appealed to me.… Read more

If the Law of Attraction is not a magic trick, what is it?

by Sadee on February 12, 2013

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book that tells the truth about The Law of Attraction. The book is called The Signal – Leading With Love for Limitless Manifesting:

“The way people talk about the Law of Attraction makes it sound like this magic trick that you can do without any effort other than saying the right words and thinking really really hard about all the things you want.… Read more

I’m teaching about Manifesting because the Law of Attraction world really bugs me

by Sadee on February 10, 2013

One of the people attending my new teleseminar series sent me an email letting me know that if it weren’t me teaching this class, she wouldn’t do it because she is so put of by Law of Attraction stuff.

The thing is, I am too.… Read more

New Teleseminar! Raising Your Vibration for Ultimate Manifestation

by Sadee on February 4, 2013

• Did you know that thoughts and emotions are NOT the key to the Law of Attraction working for you?
• Have you been trying to get the Universe to do what you want? Do you know this is the LEAST EFFECTIVE way to work with the Law of Attraction?Read more

by Sadee on January 26, 2013

When men do not hold back, do not hold in, but push through into their masculine energy, this can happen:

Let us not try to make our men more like women. Let us support them being beautiful and powerful as they are, as they become, as men, as each man chooses, and is, naturally in his own way.… Read more

An Ode to Hormones

by Sadee on January 25, 2013

I am premenstrual right now. And I feel very open and soft and heart-centered. I also feel impatient and critical and intense. And I feel so grateful. So here is an ode I wrote to hormones. Because they make the world go round.… Read more

Making Monday a No-Blame Zone – will the world tilt off its axis?

by Sadee on January 21, 2013

Recently the term “psychic vampire” came up in conversation where I overheard someone say the reason they are avoiding a certain person is because they are “a psychic vampire”.

I thought how refreshing it would be, and how powerful, if they would have said “I’m avoiding them because I have no idea how to have healthy boundaries with them.”


“I’m avoiding them because I tend to blame them for how they behave instead of taking responsibility for how I behave around them and until I figure out what that’s about for me, I’m going to stay clear.”

I don’t just sit back and watch humans like I’m in a room with a telescope.… Read more

Sun-dried tomato almond pate recipe

by Sadee on January 18, 2013

This raw dish is rich and delicious! I invented it last night. So easy, it would be an excellent, healthy, and indulgent treat to serve at a party or potluck. I find that the richer and yummier a raw dish is, the more enticed people are by the idea of being healthy.… Read more

Pentrated by life: how open are you, really?

by Sadee on January 16, 2013

Tight shoulders, a clenched jaw, a tight rectum, sore forearms, constipation, tight/hard hugs, avoiding eye contact, running away, jumping to conclusions.

Asking for help, receiving a compliment, a relaxed body, letting someone in, looking deep into the eyes of another, hugging, gratitude, transformation, being seen, being curious, dancing.… Read more

Sunday Sermon: Do you have space for awesome? Letting in the Law of Attraction

by Sadee on January 13, 2013

I’m currently writing a book about the real nature of manifesting that goes way, way beyond magical thinking and affirmations. I’m on a section called “Creating Space”.

This section of the book is super, super important because it addresses something I’d like to talk about with you today that I hope will help tweak some dials so you can start to practice and enjoy more awesomeness in your life right now.… Read more

Being present to love

by Sadee on January 11, 2013

One of the most beautiful experiences we can have is the opportunity to love. Love is something we can all feel but this doesn’t mean we know how to do it well. Love takes practice. Love takes presence. And love takes two people willing to grow and learn love together.… Read more

Why is it impossible for people to accept that good people can do bad things without having to become bad people?

by Sadee on December 16, 2012

Welcome to post # 2 from my request for topics. Today’s topic is:

Why is it impossible for people to accept that good people can do bad things without having to become bad people?

This is such an interesting topic because there is a lot to it.… Read more

Acknowledging, appreciating, and accepting the good

by Sadee on December 15, 2012

I made a request for topics people would like me to write about and in the wake of yesterday’s tragedy  I think the first one that came in is a good place to start:

Acknowledging, appreciating, and accepting the good.Read more

Loneliness: going through hell to find heaven

by Sadee on December 12, 2012

A friend recently reached out to me, sharing that she was experiencing loneliness and asked if I had written anything about it. I sent her a couple of links to some of my posts and invited her to share more about what she was going through, telling her I’d write something just for her.… Read more

Aging as an act of courage

by Sadee on December 6, 2012

A million times I have said that my #1 supreme goal in life is to really get what it is to be human. So experiences that span the vast expanse of being are ones I tend to face – sometimes like standing firmly on the beach staring at an approaching tidal wave.… Read more

beautiful is a choice

by Sadee on December 4, 2012

 … Read more

Sunday Sermon: Emotional pain – what it is and what to do about it

by Sadee on December 2, 2012

A number of us are going through some ordeals that are creating emotional pain. A lot of break-ups. A lot of personal challenges. So today I’d like to share a bit about pain – how it works and what it needs to clear.… Read more

Strong and supple and magic

by Sadee on November 29, 2012

Humans are amazing creatures. We can do science and write poems. We map stars and we map the inner terrain of the psyche. We make war and we make magic.

Being powerful – being able to respond to life’s call and the undulations of a day, a month, a year – requires that we are both strong and supple.… Read more

Sunday Sermon: Do you have Chickenitis?

by Sadee on November 25, 2012

How many books do you have on personal growth and/or spirituality?

How many classes have you gone to or blogs have you read about being happier or more grounded or more abundant?

And are you still seeking that elusive something?… Read more

True power

by Sadee on November 24, 2012

True power is wholeness coupled with consciousness and vitality.

The person who is unintegrated, viewing power as an eradication of perceived flaws, will feel or be or act weak. And they will think power is something to get, or compete for, as if it is limited and they have to make sure they have enough or more than others – whether or not they are conscious of this.… Read more

Sunday Sermon – A love letter

by Sadee on November 18, 2012

This week I’ve had all kinds of things on my mind – purpose and contributing to the world and how to tell the truth with respect and more.

As I sat down to write my heart started knocking on its casing *tap*tap*tap* “Hey, Sadee, pssst…”

So I asked what it would like.… Read more

Being judgmental – 5 simple rules for doing it really well

by Sadee on November 14, 2012

A lot of people have the idea that being judgmental is a bad thing. Or, at least, not good.  Here’s the thing – we judge for a reason. And I’m not saying being judgmental is great, but I am saying that if you are going to do it, and you very likely are, even if you’re “conscious”, then at least do it really well.… Read more

Sunday Sermon: Authenticity

by Sadee on November 4, 2012

I went out last night to the sci-fi musical A Mouse Who Knows Me with one of my favorite humans, my friend Wendy. I’ve never liked musicals, until now. I am so in love with this play.

You may be wondering what a sci-fi musical has to do with authenticity.… Read more

Why the ego is AWESOME

by Sadee on November 2, 2012

The ego gets a bad wrap and I think that’s unfortunate. But before I dive into that, let me first say that I don’t believe in the ego. I think it is something based on an observation through a very particular lens (psychology) to identify something that needed naming for psychology to come together.… Read more

How do we build up the trust within to allow ourselves to trust others?

by Sadee on October 29, 2012

Had some great questions about trust come in from someone in our community (our = you, too) after reading my post “Connection, trust and discovery”.  So I thought I’d share with you as it may be useful.

Q:  How do we build up the trust within to allow ourselves to trust others.Read more

Sunday Sermon: Why spiritual laws like the Law of Attraction aren’t working for you

by Sadee on October 28, 2012

I love spirituality. I love when people ask deeper questions or seek meaning in life beyond the mundane.

What I don’t love are spiritual systems or kinds of thinking that tell people, in ways that seem quite reasonable, that if they are “doing it right” they won’t suffer.… Read more

Stop blaming your body

by Sadee on October 27, 2012

I was doing some research this morning and came across a book claiming “I was poisoned by my body” about how someone cured themselves of leaky gut, fibromyalgia, and multiple chemical sensitivity.

First let me say that it’s great that someone sought natural cures and cleared their health issues.… Read more

Connection and trust and discovery

by Sadee on October 25, 2012

Sometimes when I sit to write, I know what I want to write about. Other times something wants to come out and I have to start writing to find out what it is. Today is the latter.

There is something about connection.… Read more

Making MAGIC – creating your very own creation myth

by Sadee on October 24, 2012

My mom left my dad when I was 11 months old. It was a great decision as he was a verbally abusive misogynist who wouldn’t allow books in the house. She was young with two small children and the decision was incredibly courageous.… Read more

Tools for stress – how engaging the body can bring a shift much more quickly than thought

by Sadee on October 23, 2012

The opposite of love is fear, not hate. ~ Yoko Ono

Years ago a client came to me as a last resort in her quest to deal with her anxiety without going on medication. She had just been to see a psychiatrist who wanted to put her on something that would help with the anxiety as well as her anger outbursts.… Read more

What are your objections to love?

by Sadee on October 20, 2012

This question popped into my head at about 3:30 this morning. I was thinking about how most people think about reality and the assumptions we make, what we take for granted as real – like separation. We live with a cultural myth of there being such a thing as an individual.… Read more

Yoga, sweat, and tears

by Sadee on October 18, 2012

I started yoga this week. Hot power flow yoga. I haven’t done yoga in a really long time – at least 10 years. I used to love yoga. And every time I do it I have a feeling of deep resonance and recognition, like I’ve been doing yoga for lifetimes.… Read more

Because, well, it does

by Sadee on October 17, 2012

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What three words? A game.

by Sadee on October 16, 2012

One of my favorite games is What three words?

Very simple – what three words would you use to describe yourself?

Please play and leave your three in the comments section below.

I have so many – check the FAQ section to see a few.… Read more


by Sadee on October 15, 2012

Bio: bi·o/ˈbīō/

Noun: Biology  Adj.: Biological

Inference: /ˈinf(ə)rəns/

Noun: A conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.

Many of us seek self-understanding. And there are a zillion lenses to look through, right? Just psychology alone offers a myriad of views on the self.… Read more

Self as citizen

by Sadee on October 14, 2012

In order for us to upgrade in any significant way, the individual identity of the self must become that of Citizen.

The context of citizen must always be present, informing our behavior, thoughts, and beliefs, if we are to individually and collectively experience meaning, fulfillment, and an end to global hunger, poverty, war, environmental devastation – you get the idea.… Read more

I believe

by Sadee on October 14, 2012

I believe that with enough heart, vision, support, ingenuity and grit anything is possible.

I believe that the world can not only handle but needs you to be alive and engaged and sharing your gifts.

I believe that no one is born with a user’s manual and that we are all trying to figure out how this works.Read more


by Sadee on October 14, 2012

This is so freaking fabulous.

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Making some upgrades

by Sadee on October 13, 2012

I finally made a second pass at my website – improving the information architecture, adding some new pages, updating content, etc.

I still have things to create and add – like my Global Hunger project and Applied Dynamic Intelligence model – but at least I have a little more info about them up now.… Read more

Raw and warming creamy Kale soup – mmmmmm….

by Sadee on October 12, 2012

1 bunch kale, de-stemmed and chopped
3 cups water
1 apple, cored and chopped
Lots of African smoke seasoning or
2 tsp smoked paprika, 1/2 tsp garlic powder (regular paprika will work fine)
salt to taste
juice of 1 large lime
1 big or 2 medium avocados

Add everything to Vitamix and blend on high until steaming (warm to the touch)

Feel free to garnish with a sprinkle of paprika and/or a pretty swirl of cashew sour cream or real sour cream.… Read more

My heart breaks OPEN

by Sadee on October 8, 2012

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Sunday sermon – How much can you love?

by Sadee on October 7, 2012

The more open you become to life, the less you resist the urge of love, the more the world around you will shine.

There are a number of reasons for this.

Love is the energy of life. I’m not talking about emotional love – romantic love – friendship love – I’m talking about the love that animates all of life – that calls everything to connection: molecules and beetles and people and trees and rain – even your coffee table is based on connection.… Read more

An incredible habit to cultivate: only seek advice from amazing people

by Sadee on October 5, 2012

Don’t take advice about your life from people who aren’t living theirs in a way you strive for.

Want insight or advice about taking a chance on a dream? Ask someone living theirs.

Want to be incredible? Talk to someone who already is.… Read more

Practice love….become love

by Sadee on October 4, 2012

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Hurting and acceptance

by Sadee on October 3, 2012

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The eyes of the heart…

by Sadee on October 2, 2012

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Allowing love

by Sadee on October 1, 2012

My whole life I have been a kind of witness to the human experience. I have been both perplexed and amazed and saddened and thrilled with the gift of being alive.

The thing that has been the most challenging for me to understand is the nature of love and how it is allowed, or not, in our actions and interactions.Read more

Seeing and being the perfection when everything sucks

by Sadee on September 29, 2012

Right now a lot of people are getting their butts kicked. It may be planetary, it may be a reflection of larger energies on the planet, it may be old energies of not dealing with things in the past coming back to bite them in the booty.… Read more

Poop and dance your way to joy

by Sadee on September 28, 2012

The body gets such a bum rap. It bothers me immensely because I sometimes feel like there is this great conspiracy to keep people from their genius and magic by feeding the lie that the body is some passive machine we control.… Read more

Really? You’re really free and unique and loving and all that? Really?

by Sadee on September 21, 2012

I feel sensitive today. Raw and unwrapped and bloated with concerns. I seek context, information that will give me a more complete lens through which I explore. I did have nightmares last night. Could that be it? A lot of people had nightmares last night.… Read more

a poem for my loves

by Sadee on September 21, 2012



arguing about

what happened millions of

years ago or

yesterday behind

oak doors when

the life in you

wants to seize each other up

in bursting arms of




LOVE and

celebrate every delectable


where do you think the

sun really

gets its

energy?… Read more

Free ebook! The 5 Ultimate Secrets of REAL Weight Loss

by Sadee on September 20, 2012

I wrote this ebook to help people understand the more dimensional components of what causes weight gain and what is needed for weight loss. There is a big emotional component and there is also a very real physical component.

Please accept this as my gift to you.… Read more

The Zucchini Milk was a HUGE hit!

by Sadee on September 16, 2012

Glass of milk with zucchini slicesRecently I was wondering about milk – specifically how many people have dairy allergies and how much nut and seed milk gets used that throws off the balance of Omega 3, 6, and 9 in the body.

So I wondered what else you could make milk out of and ZUCCHINI popped into my head.Read more

Let’s play a game!

by Sadee on September 13, 2012

What if you could get information, insight, or a crucial key that would help you be the person you know you truly are and shave some time and energy off your growth curve? Let’s pretend I’m a cosmic librarian and can find the information you need and all you have to do is ask!… Read more

I am a big, fat, God-loving atheist

by Sadee on September 12, 2012

If you are more auditory – you can listen to the audio here.

What I am about to say is not meant to offend anyone, though it likely will. I have a deep respect for how people experience God, or not.… Read more

7 minute Deeelicious tangy and sweet cabbage salad!

by Sadee on September 8, 2012

This salad is fast and oh so yummy! The cashew jalapeno dressing gives it a sweet and tangy kick!



How to make:

In a big-ish bowl:

  • small head green cabbage, cut into ribbons or shredded in food processor
  • 1 apple shredded
  • 1 bunch of cilantro chopped up
  • 4-5 stalks of celery, chopped into 1/4″ slices

In blender add:

  • 1/4-1/2 cup organic apple cider vinegar
  • 2 handfuls raw cashews
  • 1/4 cup agave nectar
  • 1.5 -2 jalapenos, chopped
  • pinch or more of Celtic sea salt or other “live” salt
  • enough water to blend and have it stay thick


Pour dressing over salad and toss well.… Read more

One side will make you grow taller, and the other side will make you grow smaller

by Sadee on August 14, 2012

What strikes me as funny about how we anthropomorphize things is how ironically reductionist it is. The truth is we see ourselves in things not because those things are like us, but because life is connected. The ways we want to know ourselves is not in the smallness of making things like us but in expanding our imaginations of what we are – making connections between things is indicative of this.… Read more

My heart goes pop: post, post depression-post love

by Sadee on July 2, 2012

The experience of sharing about my experience with depression has been very interesting. I have gotten a whole gamut of responses and conversational spectrum. Something that has stood out to me is the sentiments expressing a wish for me to find my way through it and to get to a better place.… Read more

The funny thing about my post on depression….

by Sadee on July 1, 2012

Yesterday’s post about depression got more hits than any post I have ever written in the 12 years I have been posting things on the internet. It also got more private emails, texts, and messages.

This, obviously, got my attention and I noticed a few things happening inside of me.… Read more

The funny thing about depression….

by Sadee on June 30, 2012

I was shocked when I found out I was depressed. Well, I knew I was but I thought I was mildly depressed. The shock came when I found out I was “moderately to severely depressed”.  I never would have guessed I was as bad as I was.… Read more

“Do these socks make my ass look old?” and other thoughts on aging

by Sadee on June 9, 2012

At 43 I feel the transition, a dusk or dawn of the self – the obvious changes in my skin and body that shifting hormones and a decades-long adventure novel bring. It has me thinking a lot about my life and how radically my meaning-making has changed.… Read more

Savagely Me

by Sadee on June 6, 2012

I feel myself leaning into it – this fleshy fire of me. It pulls at my limbs, curls around my hair and firmly brings my head down, down, cheek to earth. I like the dirt on my face. I crave the earth in my pores.… Read more

You aren’t broken, please get over it

by Sadee on May 19, 2012

image of blue eye with heart-shaped pupilWe are way past due for an upgrade to our social ideology. I am so over this business of pathologizing everything. Ugh.

Rarely do we have to “fix” or get rid of our “issues” before we can be happy. It’s the big lie.… Read more

Today’s word brought to you by SaysMe Street

by Sadee on May 18, 2012

There is a methodology to everyone’s thinking. But because it is an action or “verb”, we rarely realize the route we take to get to the thoughts we have and the conclusions we draw.

If I drive a clunker of a car to California I will have a very different trip than if I take a motorcycle or a train or a plane.… Read more

The animalization of homosapien: how good is your growl?

by Sadee on March 27, 2012

I wish people would stop trying to transcend everything – like transcendence is some kind of virtue.

People are animals. We have urges, bodies, and instincts as well as intelligence and spirituality and self-awareness. We are very dimensional. And it occurs to me that our grand effort to define ourselves has been composed, largely, of aversions.… Read more

Can we really tell how conscious someone is?

by Sadee on February 25, 2012

I’m so curious about the notion of thinking wrong versus the thinker being wrong. Or thinking right without the thinker being right. And how can we encounter our own ignorance if we don’t share our thoughts? And also, interpreted actions don’t always lead to correct inference of meaning so how do we know how conscious someone really is unless we trust them with their own consciousness?… Read more

Grover is a personal growth guru and only $8.99 for unlimited sessions on!

by Sadee on February 23, 2012

Get this book. Read it. Re-read it. Live it. Love it.

This book examines the journey to consciousness and personal understanding. It lucidly illustrates the journey of the self and the many ways we try to block, banish, or avoid what is, in fact, necessary for self-realization.… Read more

A conceptualization of true balance as THRIVING – even non-nerds will love this!

by Sadee on February 22, 2012

A component of Applied Dynamic IntelligenceTrue vitality requires that we have appropriate frameworks we can engage that nourish vitality. For this reason I have designed this model to provide an upgrade for people to address what I have witnessed, over the years, as the misrepresented concept of balance and imbalance.… Read more

What I really do all day and why – a love poem for my friends (click the image to make it magically grow!)

by Sadee on February 21, 2012

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Model for Wholeness: A preliminary view

by Sadee on February 21, 2012

There are four facets of wholeness. Wholeness and, consequently, embodiment, is proportionate to how well-developed each individual facet is, as well as how balanced it is with the other facets. In other words, the more we have of each, in balanced proportions to the others, the more whole and embodied we are.… Read more

a woman wanting

by Sadee on February 20, 2012

this serpentine longing traces a

logical sequence

down my spine a

legitimate knowing some

would call a

dream you feel my

ghost fingers grabbing hold

while you sleep you


search I

not so patiently

search how

many lifetimes

must we travel how

many eyes must we

pierce?… Read more

Stick this in your toolbox: Assume Connection

by Sadee on February 19, 2012

Whenever a dear friend and I get together to talk, I always come away so full and juicy with love and thoughts. This last time was no exception.

We have been talking a lot lately about Love as it is a subject we are both passionate about – love in all it’s forms and guises.… Read more

Love Now

by Sadee on February 19, 2012

When the Buddha was asked if gods and goddesses were real, his reply was “That is a question which does not tend toward edification.”

To edify is to build up or to establish. So, according to this enlightened being, this is not the question we should be seeking an answer to.… Read more

paper scales

by Sadee on February 19, 2012

paper scales
rustled by December winds white
frost clinging to the
underneath lies
summer’s heart
beckoning you
from far fields from chiseled
futures beckoning
red rejecting the grey
cold world of
clocks of
of the disrythmia of
modern man
the hidden woman calls
thighs lips breasts
warm for you
waiting for you
wanting for you
fire against winter
flame against white
desire that time cannot touch
our imperative flesh
gateway to the rapturous
soul of the divine

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Use this, improve your relationships, or get a free space rocket!!

by Sadee on February 17, 2012

Oh my! The stories we make up about what is going on and about other people! It’s the curse of individualism – when we are supposed to do everything by ourselves and not need others, we also do relationships by ourselves.… Read more

I believe

by Sadee on February 17, 2012

I believe that with enough heart, vision, support, ingenuity and grit anything is possible.

I believe that the world can not only handle but needs you to be alive and engaged and sharing your gifts.

I believe that no one is born with a user’s manual and that we are all trying to figure out how this works.Read more

Find your purpose in 15 minutes or less or win a free snowboard!

by Sadee on February 17, 2012

Are you wondering what you should be doing? Are you searching for a deeper, more meaningful existence? Do you desire to know what you are here for?

Finding your purpose has been a pretty hot topic in the personal growth arena for some time now.… Read more

Americans, Global Starvation, and the Snuggie®

by Sadee on February 17, 2012

The notion, to an American, of having less of anything is, well, un-American. If Americans got MORE nutrition there would be less waste – of resources, food, energy, time, doctors bills, et cetera. More nutrtion results in less hunger and less consumption of food.… Read more