dreamingIt often happens that I wake up with a book outline, a chapter written, a concept fleshed-out, an insight revealed, a spiritual understanding of some kind, just waiting for me to pick up and work with.

The idea of programming the subconscious to do work for us is nothing new. But are you taking advantage of it?

What problem do you have that you would like resolved? What inspiration are you in need of? What insight would you like? A truth you would like to understand?

You can dream it into being!

A lot can happen while you sleep and it’s a great way to allocate brain space so you are fresh to use your mind in other ways when you are awake.

Try this:

As you are laying down to sleep, begin to think of the things you would like “resolved” or advanced. Then imagine programming those into your subconscious to work on through the night. Then let it go and go to sleep.

You can actually ask your subconscious, out loud, to work on it. (Or command it as some suggest)

It may take some practice, but don’t give up! And keep a pen/paper by the bed (or a voice recorder) to capture the ideas when they come. Sometimes mine hit at 3:30 am!

This simple practice can radically increase productivity as well as bring valuable insights to life’s challenges.

This is such a prolific tool for me that I had to dial it down as I wasn’t getting enough sleep as I was waking with TOO many answers coming in! So be aware that you need to get quality sleep, too, so use responsibly!

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Want to know what you really need to do in a relationship? Want to understand how to fly without wings by seemingly defying gravity? There really are no limits to what you can ponder and what your sleeping self can explore.