fly magicIt has repeatedly come to my attention that talking to animals is bizarre, especially when they respond in ways that others find surprising.

Case in point: the fly.

One day this summer we had an inordinate amount of flies in the house. My roommate was bothered by this so I casually commented that flies have a simple consciousness and all you have to do is soften your energy and talk to them and you can take them outside instead of killing them.

To illustrate, I put my hand on the counter and began to talk to the fly “Hello pretty baby. Come here,  come say hi.”

Within a few seconds the fly lands on the counter and makes its way over to my hand. “Come on baby. Come up and I will take you outside.”

It climbs onto my hand, at which point my roommate’s mouth is hanging open and he is clearing having a “mind-blown” moment.

I walk to the front door with the fly on my hand, he follows. I open the door and say “go on sweetie” and the fly flies off.

We go back on the kitchen and he tries it. He duplicates what I did and within moments a fly has walked onto his hand. He walks to the door and lets it go. He is officially tripped out.

Sometime later he shows his 4 year old son how to do this. So now his son talks to flies and gently releases them back outside after they land on his hand.

Recently I was at a 50th birthday party for a friend of mine. There was a photo booth with lots of props. One of the party guests had one of the props, a headband with felt leaves and flowers on it, on his head.

When I looked at it, I saw a fly and I thought was part of the prop thinking how great it was that someone added a fly. Then I realized it was a real fly. So I approached the guy.

I tell him what I just told you, that I thought it was a fake fly but realized it’s real. So I reached my hand up and said “come here baby” and the fly got on my hand. Then I said “See? I totally thought this was fake at first”

The man looks at me like he can’t believe his eyes. “You just picked up a fly and it’s hanging out on your hand?!”

So I explain the whole deal with talking with flies. I invite him to shift his energy then hold his hand up and call the fly over. He suspended disbelief and played along. He holds his hand a few inches from mine and calls to the fly. The fly leaves my hand and hops over to his. He cannot believe his eyes and looks at me like “What the hell?!!”

I hold my hand up and call the fly back over and it flies over to my hand. I ask him if he’s done with the fly and he says yes so I tell the fly to go have a good night and stay away from things that might hurt it and thank it for playing with us. I say goodbye and the fly flies away.

I’m sharing this with you because these kinds of things have happened my whole life. And no, it’s not because I’m some Buddha or St. Francis or anything. It’s because I don’t live with a sense of separation.

So many of us have lost the respect for life that the magic of connection gives us. People just swat flies, step of bugs, squish spiders. Why? Where does this come from? Separation.

When we live with a great respect for all of life, life responds. I have stories about mice and rattlesnakes and feral cats and more that would blow most people’s minds. But these things are normal to me. Connection is normal.

The only true antagonists on this planet are humans. I have a multiplicity of notions about this but it really comes down to separation – fear, violence, envy, greed – all stem from a sense of separation.

There is so much beauty in connection – so much magic – and I implore you to suspend whatever disbelief you have and begin to play with connection like it’s really there.

If animals don’t respond at first, understand it is merely your energy they are reflecting. Let the beings around you be a gauge for you to understand your own energy and adjust your dials according to their feedback. See what happens and, more importantly, notice how your heart feels. Who knows, you might reclaim something wonderful.