One of the people attending my new teleseminar series sent me an email letting me know that if it weren’t me teaching this class, she wouldn’t do it because she is so put of by Law of Attraction stuff.

The thing is, I am too. And its why I feel it is so important to bring this information to people. So I thought I’d share my response to her with you so you can understand where I’m coming from and why I feel so strongly about teaching this:

Dear M~

I have spent years frustrated by all the Law of Attraction stuff. I have studied it for a very long time (over 15 years) and it never “worked” for me the way it’s “supposed” to. Yet I was always okay and always knew I would be alright. And I started wondering about this:

  • How/why am I always okay whether or not I “do” the Law of Attraction?
  • Why doesn’t the Law of Attraction work consistently?

This wondering revealed the crack in the façade of the Law of Attraction and then I got a full download about 6 months ago about what it really is, and how/why it doesn’t work the way people talk about and teach it. It is the number one selling topic in personal growth yet time and time again I hear people expressing that it doesn’t work for them and wonder what they are doing wrong.

So when this information came in, it was like getting a download from the Universe that pulled back the curtain. But I was working on something else at the time so I shelved it. Then in early January of this year I was working on my then current book and the Universe basically knocked on my head and said “Sadee, it’s time to bring this to the world” So I set aside what I was doing and stated to outline the book.

Ever since I started to connect with this material, my life has changed dramatically. And the flow that is opening up around it has been incredible. My work, love life, personal consciousness, internal limits, and productivity have all taken a huge turn for the better.

My desire is to teach people this information because what I am teaching is not the Law of Attraction, it’s the Law of Love. And it can help people upgrade into a whole new relationship to themselves, the Universe, and life.

The reason I am not just calling it the Law of Love and am including Manifestation in the work is that I’ve learned over the years that very few people seek growth for growth’s sake – we seek it because of the benefits we hope it gives us: connection, freedom, safety, peace, belonging, etc. These are all different aspects of manifesting.

And most of us feel we need something, we need help or support or more something– and most of us don’t know that love will meet all those needs because love sounds so lofty or not immediate like paying the bills or success in business. So I want people to know that love will meet those needs. That’s what the Law of Love does – it just doesn’t work the way our egos think it should so we look for things the ego likes. And Law of Attraction is something the ego really likes.

I’m creating a whole new body of work around this, including a new website as I feel so deeply passionate about sharing this with people. This is manifesting based on the Law of Love, which the Law of Attraction serves. I am not teaching the Law of Attraction though that will be addressed so people can understand how the Law of Love really works.

This teleseminar is the beginning part. And it will have a lot of information that will help everyone shift and deepen and really start to experience more beautiful results from the effort they put into their lives. Way more than thinking and affirmations and “charging your words with emotion” or stating things in present tense and all that.

It hurts my heart that people are buying all the magical thinking and empty promises in the Law of Attraction world and it is my deepest hope that this new work frees people from the over-simplified and misrepresented things being taught.

I look forward to having you in the teleseminar.