What if you could get information, insight, or a crucial key that would help you be the person you know you truly are and shave some time and energy off your growth curve? Let’s pretend I’m a cosmic librarian and can find the information you need and all you have to do is ask!

  • It has to be something from your heart – not “what are the winning lottery numbers”
  • It has to be something that is truly meaningful to you – exciting and scary usually signal this
  • What do you NEED to know that will help you be the person you really are?
  • What would take you to the next unfolding of your shine?
  • What prevents you from loving as much as your heart wants you to?

Post your question here and let’s see what happens!


2 Responses to Let’s play a game!

  1. Andrew Wonders says:

    Now that I know who I am (right now), what I’m doing (right now), and where I’m (planning on) going, what is keeping me from completely pursuing all that I love?

  2. Sadee says:

    Thank you for playing!
    This answer has two parts.
    Part 1. Pursuing what you love requires energy. We get energy physically, environmentally, and spiritually. Where “spiritual” means being connected to something greater than yourself, like nature, God, etc. Our environment is anything external to us, so people are part of your environment. And physically includes movement, breath, food, and liquid.
    We often forget to make sure we are adequately energized. Most people who know who they are, what they are doing, and where they are going are simply lacking adequate energy to “go for it”.
    The foundational key to everything is vitality. And we have many sources. Are the people around you nourishing you? Are the rooms and vehicles and places you go energizing? How about media? Do you take time to connect with nature or give when your heart urges you to? Are you being loved the way you would need to feel deeply supported so you simply overflow? Do you eat high-vibration foods, exercise, and drink enough water?
    We want to believe we don’t need anything, like other people, and while we can accomplish much by ourselves, we can accomplish more and better when we are fully vital – and other people are essential to this, like it or not.
    Check these areas and you may find some energy leaks to plug up or a few tweaks you can make that will result in getting really charged up. When we are charged up the pursuing love becomes effortless.
    Part 2. We tend to focus on out-in rather than in-out. Energy is cyclical. As you pursue all that you love, are you letting in the love that is pursuing you? Let me say this another way:
    However much we know ourselves, and what our purpose is, very few human beings have a self-image that is anywhere close to what they are really capable of. As we let in love that pursues us (a compliment, an offer for help, a hug, affirmation, acknowledgement, serendipitous occurrences) how we see ourselves expands. As our self-view expands we begin to see things we couldn’t see before. When we can see more, we can see more opportunities, and often better opportunities, for pursuing what we love in ways that are less effortful, plus we attract more because we are shinier.
    Pursuing things you love is not just about you doing – pursuing means the effort must come from you. When you enter the flow of energy, the cyclical nature of it, you will be pulled into what you love and have to “do” less and less.
    Summary: If you know who you are and where you are heading yet feel something is keeping you from pursuing what you love, it is very likely you simply need to upgrade the way you engage energy – yours and the worlds. The above two parts are where you can do this.
    If there is not an effortless quality to the pursuit, that’s usually the Universe trying to get you to an even better place than what you have imagined. If you pursue this in spite of a lot of difficulties, you can make it happen but you may waste energy by forcing something that is less wonderful than another, similar, something that awaits. TRUST is a key component to this – in yourself and the path you feel called to.
    I hope something in this is useful.

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