celebrationI was reading through a page here on my site and found myself not really remembering writing it. It was like reading some else’s words and I found myself going “wow, this is good stuff”.

My whole life I have had a feeling of being fascinated by being a human. Like I wasn’t and now I am and it is an endlessly captivating experience.

It’s such a shame, to me, when people take themselves so personally. Like everything we do and are is ours.

I rather view us as portals, or vessels, for how the Universe wants to be in the world through us. And our job is to get really good at getting out of the way of that. What comes through, what is expressed through us, is not so much us, as a symphonic conglomeration of evolution and God and all kinds of miraculous physics.

And in a society so dubiously obsessed with the ego, it seems like people aren’t really celebrating the miracles that we are.

Really, is there anything more beautiful than the unhindered flow of life through any living being?

It is a joyous love waterfalling into existence that energizes and uplifts everything!

Whatever talents you have, whatever gifts you have, however fascinating you are, can you see that the part you should own is the cultivating of these things but the actual thing itself has very little to do with you? You did not have anything to do with your genetic composition. Or the confluence of events that molded you. Or the star that exploded that gave its body for your body to have building material.

It seems most people won’t allow themselves to be fascinated by the miracle that they are, but that it’s perfectly acceptable to obsess over being broken or wrong.

Being filled with joy at the miracle of yourself, when that specific celebration is merely a part of a larger awe, seems not only healthy, but very positive. Because we should all be grateful, like “holy crap can you believe how amazing I am?!” grateful that we get to experience things like breathing and sunsets. Do you have any idea what goes on for breathing and sunsets to even occur?!

That you have talents and love and care and inspiration and a voice and all the things about you, even if they seem small or humble, are sooooo amazing and so needed in this world.

I think we should all shift from ego-hawking to getting out of the way of how the Universe wants to be in the world through us and becoming ferocious defenders of that energy. Take a righteous stance about the love in you and the song in you and the dance in you. Stop taking it personally and start celebrating the miracle that you are.

Start letting it out, letting it flow, letting it glow-up everything around you. You’ll feel better, I promise.

That is all. Now go shine.