I was doing some research this morning and came across a book claiming “I was poisoned by my body” about how someone cured themselves of leaky gut, fibromyalgia, and multiple chemical sensitivity.

First let me say that it’s great that someone sought natural cures and cleared their health issues.

But what pisses me off is the disconnect this book screams of – that the body somehow antagonizes us.

Let’s be very clear – your body is responsive to its environment and its inheritance – the body does not antagonize us, betray us, or hurt us.

Most humans have no idea of the very basics of how the body functions. So we pollute the air and water, fill the body with crap, don’t get enough touch, don’t sleep enough, don’t move enough, don’t breathe deeply enough, don’t eat enough healthy fats or produce, and then get all freaked out when the body can’t handle it.

And this happens generation after generation so we are inheriting weaker and weaker genes.

I am a BodyMind expert, meaning I have been studying the body, the body’s signals, and how the body functions and communicates for 36 years. So I have some insights about this topic. And now I’m gonna rant.

As much as I love BodyMind Integration, Louise Hay, all of that, I can’t stand how disconnected the dialogue is.

When someone gets cancer and explores the meaning of it, that’s a beautiful thing. But what I see people doing is going into a blame thing with themselves, like “What emotions have I suppressed that caused this cancer?”

Why aren’t we looking at the bigger picture?

Eating crap, breathing polluted air, living under immense amounts of stress, not getting enough connection and support, a medical system that defines health as an absence of disease rather than a state of vitality, and a genetic inheritance from parents raised on Wonder Bread and Twinkies  should be looked at FIRST because these things are FAR more causative of cancer than one’s psychology.

In fact, one’s psychology is bound to be screwed up in a society like the one described above. And that’s the society we live in!

We are looking at ourselves in isolation. And then we isolate ourselves from our bodies, like the body is a machine or lower-order organism than the mind or spirit. It’s completely insane.

I know disease is scary. I know having a body is scary. And I know being sick can make us feel out of control and so we want to control what we can, which is often the body. And this means we separate out from it, try and achieve a safe distance from it. But we can’t, can we?

Leaky gut often occurs in people who weren’t breast fed or breast fed for long enough. This means the infant isn’t getting the friendly bacteria it needs in its brand new intestines and it also means the soothing properties of the mother’s milk are not coating and nourishing the intestinal lining. Then the infant is often fed “formula” that is not only irritating but lacks probiotics and often is laden with allergens and corn syrup.

And in people who were breast fed, the friendly bacteria die-off when we don’t feed them and replenish them and consume things that kill them. So lifestyle is very important to gut health. Without adequate probiotics the intestinal lining is left defenseless and all kinds of little buggers can start to compromise the lining so larger particles and organisms can get into the blood stream and cause rampant inflammation in the body – i.e. leaky gut syndrome. It’s not the body antagonizing you or an emotional issue – it is first and foremost a weakened system caused by things other than how you feel or the body somehow punishing you.

The body isn’t DOING anything except the best it can under conditions that are antagonizing it.

If you really want to do your own detective work with your health, or lack of, look first to what is digging the hole – i.e. what is challenging the body, what is happneing that is not in the body’s best interest? THEN look for weak points in your own body/mind system – i.e. the emotional patterns or beliefs that make an opening for illness. Then lastly realize that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and you can get sick even if your body/mind system is pretty aligned and awesome.

Our ignorance and our arrogance are largely what make us ill. The body is a MIRACULOUS organism that is wired to thrive and survive.

Your body knows how to eliminate cancer. Your body knows how to heal.

But often times, and so unfortunately, we don’t address the imbalance until it is too late. Not everyone has strong genetics that would support healing at a late stage in disease – much less finds the right protocol to follow or path to take.

There is also the reality of physical embodiment – that nature happens and sometimes things don’t line up right in the womb. Some genes don’t work well together. It’s a crap-shoot.

But blaming the body for any of it is misplaced.

We must broaden our scope and open our eyes. You cannot poison the ocean and the sky and the water and then complain that you don’t feel good and get mad at your body.

You don’t get to put chemicals on and in yourself and then get upset when you get itchy or red or puffy or acidic.

You don’t get to eat processed foods and inflammatory morsels then get frustrated when you start to slow down and get creaky or don’t poop right.

We blame our ignorance on the body. And we act like it should cooperate with us regardless of what we do. It’s childish.

How about cherishing yourself and the ones you love enough to stop poisoning yourself and the planet? How about not buying crap? How about not cutting down forests and ignoring homeless people and acting like we are all little isolated soldiers out there on our own? How about we stop going to doctors who experiment on us and make us more sick? How about we demand that “health care professionals” know more about actual health than just disease? How about we make junk food expensive and healthy food affordable? And how about we make sure everyone has access to health education and resources like fresh, clean water and produce? If you want poor people to do “better” or be “more” you have got to realize that they can’t be given fake food as their only option and be expected to thrive. IT DOES NOT WORK.

And how about we, individually and as a society, take some freakin’ responsibility for our own well-being and learn just the basics about how the body works? Knowing about nutrition is not enough – we need to know about HOW that nutrition gets into the cells and affects how we function or we won’t nourish the non-nutrients we MUST have, like probiotics and hydrochloric acid and great poops.

Disease is, for the most part, so unnecessary. And it hurts my heart when I see obese, ill, hobbling, tight, puffy, devitalized humans.

We need to stop being victims of our own ignorance.

And I realize a lot of garbage information is out there. And a lot of professionals don’t know all that much. I even meet nutritionists who don’t know much about nutrition. It’s hard. But there are some basics everyone can follow:

  • Learn to listen to and honor your body’s messages more than your head or other people’s opinions
  • Know that your body does not actually want crap. We often crave what we are allergic to or what is causing imbalance as a signal we have gone past a point of balance at a  deeper level. Candida craves sugar. So does cancer. Someone with a wheat allergy will crave wheat when imbalanced. By the same token when you get what you need in a balanced state you will crave what keeps you balanced. Consciousness is required. Paying attention – listening – is required
  • Feed your body fresh produce, raw when possible, and emphasize greens
  • Get probiotics: fermented vegetables, greens powders, supplements with a broad spectrum – you need a wide variety of probiotics as they all colonize different parts of the digestive tract from your mouth to your rectum. READ LABELS to ensure variety.
  • Learn about hydrochloric acid – symptoms of excess stomach acid are identical to those of low stomach acid. Low stomach acid is FAR more common but the treatment is very cheap so its better to diagnose you with excess. Don’t be ignorant of big pharma’s aims. They are businesses that make money from you being “sick” – it’s not a big deal just don’t put your head in the sand fantasizing that big mommy and daddy pharma have your best interest in mind. Hydrochloric acid is necessary to digest raw vegetables and proteins.
  • Experiment with yourself and find what works for you
  • You need healthy oils – canola oil is not healthy. Find out what healthy oils are – there aren’t that many but there are plenty to enjoy and you should eat them with gusto
  • Drink clean water.
  • Move your body
  • Touch people and get touched
  • Love
  • Laugh
  • Dance
  • Stop doing the obvious things that make you sick – sugar, most white foods, processed stuff, lethargy, television, prejudice, most commercial meats, food allergens, being unhappy, being a victim, not dancing
  • Realize that there is more to health than nutrition – you are a dimensional being and how you feel, who you love, how you are supported or not, these are part of health, too. Your body functions better when you are loved and when you love. It’s scientifically validated.

I know for a fact that you are miracle. Embody it. Spend your time and energy and money supporting  your body – find out what a rock star it really is.

Respecting your body is respecting yourself. And respecting an individual’s health is everyone’s responsibility. We’re all making or breaking disease and its about way more than what emotions you are or aren’t acknowledging. Stop blaming yourself, please stop blaming the body, and let’s upgrade how we view health – it is an interconnected web of which we are all a part. That’s reality.

As a final note – I am certainly not saying there isn’t a metaphysical reality to the body and to disease. Law of Attraction, positive thinking, we are the source of our experiences, all of that kind of thing. But please understand that if you aren’t doing what you need to do to be healthy at a basic level – i.e. truly healthy food, movement, touch, low stress, good sleep, cellular nutrition, healthy gut flora – all of the metaphysics in the world won’t work as well, if at all. It is an interconnected system. If you drive a car you may have faith in God that you wont get in an accident but you still do your part and wear a seat-belt. I see so many people doing their affirmations and being spiritual and new-age and all that and not addressing the basics.

Address the basics. First. Address the basics. THEN get cosmic. It’s the order of vibrational reality and acceptance of embodiment. Otherwise you are behaving in a disconnected manner while claiming everything is connected and that makes no sense.

I leave you with this story.

There was a huge flood and all the houses in the area were covered in water up to their roofs.

A man made his way to the roof and began to pray:

“Oh, God, I have such faith in you, and I know you will save me.”

Within minutes two people on a raft came up to him and said “Jump on!”

The man said “No, no, I’m waiting for God to save me!”

The people left and he began to pray again: “Oh God, I know you are mighty and all things are possible and I believe in you and know you will save me.”

Within a couple of minutes a speed boat came by and the driver said “Hey! Jump in!”

Again the man refused “No, no I’m waiting for God to save me!” as the waters continued to rise higher and higher, now covering his legs.

The speedboat left and he began to pray. A few minutes later a helicopter came. They lowered a ladder and waved him up. The man waved them away shouting “No, no, I’m  waiting for God!”

The man drowned about 20 minutes later. He goes to heaven where he is told he gets to meet God and ask a question.

So there he is with God and he says “God, I only want to know one thing. My whole life I have believed in you. I have always had faith. Such faith. And during the flood I asked you to save me. Why didn’t you??”

And God replied “My son, I sent you a raft, a speed boat, an a helicopter!”

We expect miracles but ignore the ones we are given. Your body’s communication with you, it’s signals, are God’s raft, speed boat, and helicopter. Learn to recognize them or perish.