CristinaColoursSpent the day yesterday in prayer. Haven’t done that in a very long time. Something that came to me was about love and how love can get sick – that the love in us can become ill.

I had never thought of love like this. And I began to contemplate how one would heal love. Naturally, Stevie Wonder’s words “Love’s in need of love today” came in. And that’s really a clue, isn’t it?

In the past I have thought of love as a pure and strong energy. That love can get diseased, ill, just seems very profound.

And it makes sense.

I’ve done healing work my whole life, and even today in client sessions I may get someone on the table and do energy work with them. (I’ve had CEO’s, rocket scientists, lawyers, computer geeks, and more on the table and they have all benefited immensely from this non-mental way of addressing their imbalances.)

So to look at this concept energetically is new for me.

I don’t usually talk about the energy work publicly because it is normally something that is discussed in woo woo frameworks and I happen to think it is, or can be, a very normal and effective way of shifting. We focus so much on talking and thinking. Talking and thinking are often very inefficient ways of shifting energy. Because that’s what we’re trying to do – shift energy. Good energy work can make that happen waaay faster than talking will (i.e. 3 months versus 7 years). But also knowing how the human being functions allows us to get people the words they need to support their allowing of the energy work – to get the mind in alignment with the healing. They work together.

Learning that love can get sick gave me a new lens to bring to what I see and feel energetically. And to how I experience people.

When someone is in a great deal of physical pain, it can make them impatient and grumpy and bossy. I am now very curious about what love illness does. What are the signs of it?

I think knowing when someone is ill it can help us hold space for them in a different, more appropriate way. And I think holding space that is appropriate for the context of the person you are with can greatly support their own shifting.

I have been amazed at how different I feel after a caring acknowledgement about where I’m at. That’s love. And it is powerful.

Last night I used the lens of love sickness and sat with my dog, Bella. I know the love in her has been hurt from whatever her life was like before we found each other.

So I started to do energy work with her from this place.

She laid down and relaxed like I’ve never seen her do before. And I began to find wherever the illness was. Her brain was the main place. So I brought in a healthy love and replaced the old, injured love with it. Who knows what it will do/did. But it felt really nice and was a good beginning to work with this understanding. She certainly enjoyed it – she was super affectionate and mellow the rest of the night and this morning.

I’m noticing as I write this that I feel an old, familiar feeling of discomfort talking about energy work.

So many assumptions are made about what it is and isn’t, as well as what a person who works with energy is or isn’t. I won’t make the case here for how completely rational energy work can be. (I often call it Advanced Human Technology as I think it is innate and a developed skill that is far underutilized but available to all if they can upgrade enough to learn to do it.)

The point is about love. I don’t know if it will hit any of you the way it hit me. And maybe you already knew about love becoming diseased. I just never thought of it this way and it feels really profound to me. I’m going to sit with it further in prayer and contemplation and see what arises. I have a number of clients today I can explore this with if it feels right.

Is your love healthy? If so, why? If not, when did it get dis-eased? And what does it need to become healthy again? What “love medicine” would help you heal? Any love supplements you can take? Anything you are doing to feed the dis-ease that you can change?

May whatever way love has been damaged in you heal and may you have the healthy, vibrant love we all deserve.